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We will give you a long-term backend alternative with managed Open Source Parse Server
and will guide you through a smooth migration process.

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Welcome all Telerik Platform users

Join the Growing Community of Parse Server, the Open Source heritage of Facebook's Parse.

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Using Open Source Parse Server as a backend engine for your mobile app makes you independent
of a particular vendor and gives you the option of switching providers anytime you want.
Тhe feature-rich Parse Server is capable of addressing all your needs no matter if you are developing
a small entertainment app or an enterprise mission critical one.


Interact with Parse Server from anything that can send an HTTP request.

Push Notifications

Audiences management and activities monitoring for iOS and Android devices.

Cloud Code

Business logic (Cloud Code) for data and Cloud Functions supporting any NPM module.

Scheduled Jobs

Schedule recurring tasks on background, like sending emails, updating data and more.

Web Hooks

Web Hooks are a simple and effective way to integrate third party services.

Social Logins

Integrate authentications like Facebook, Twitter and others.
It's quick and easy.

Access Controls

Use ACLs and CLPs like you used Type-Level and Item-Level permissions.

Cross Platform SDKs

SDKs for web and mobile platforms: iOS, Android, JavaScript, Unity, .NET+ Xamarin, PHP and more.

Realtime Data

Use LiveQueries for notifications, gaming, chats - everything you need to update in realtime.

SashiDo brings even more ...

We manage, support and scale!

We in SashiDo, believe in the "no vendor lock-in" policy,
and we want you to stay with us because you are a happy customer not a hostage of a proprietary software.
We are passionate about Parse Server and our mission is to provide to the mobile developers the easiest
and cost-effective way to create functional and beautiful apps.

24/7 Support

We have extensive knowledge of NodeJS, MongoDB and Telerik Platform.

Responsive Images

Image resizing service, fully compatible with Telerik's Responsive Images.

Unlimited Collaborators

Add as many collaborators as you need to your project free of charge.

Push Notification Service

Better push notification service capable of sending millions of pushes per minute.

NodeJS Hosting

Fast and secure hosting for your static content and NodeJS app.

Private GitHub Repo

Each app comes with a private GitHub repo for your Cloud Code, static content and NodeJS app.

MongoDB Access

Our customers own their data.
We provide full direct access to the database.

Auto Scaling

Your app scales automatically depending on its current needs and usage.

Multi Geo Locations

Four infrastructure locations across the globe - Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

Alternatives Overview

Features comparison and pricing based on example resource usage with some popular MBaaS providers.


Vendor Lock-In
Automated Data Migration
Responsive Images
Cloud Code
Auto Scaling
Push Notifications
Monthly Active Users
Based on the features above and the following usage: 1M API Requests, 
1GB DB Storage,  40GB File Storage,  500GB Data transfer,  Daily Backups


Pay as you go

$19.95/per app


Fixed Plans

$2000/per app


Pay as you go

$72.51/per app

Need more information?

Our team will answer all of your questions.

Migration with care

Migration can be terrifying, but not today, not for You, together with SashiDo.

With more than 4k successful migrations for the last year and
ex Telerik Platform engineers who are now part of the SashiDo team, we have the knowledge
to help you go through a smooth migration without making your customers angry.

See what we have for you

Automated Database migration

Database migration can take several days if you chose to do it yourself, and can cost you more than $1000, because you’ll need to find a way to export your data, convert and import it to your new platform. With our Automated Database migration tool, it will be effortless for you.

Automated Files migration

Our files migration service will find all of your files and will transfer them automatically.
If you have to do it manually it may take 1-2 days, depending on the number of your files and will raise your migration expenses with roughly $500.

Responsive Images (100% compatible with Telerik)

We wrote a service 100% compatible with the Telerik's Responsive Images in order to save you crucial days for finding an alternative and implementing it.
If you chose to do it yourself it can cost you more than $1000

Friendly Support

Changing backend platform is always a challenging task that is raising a lot of questions.
You can rely on our extensive knowledge of Parse Server and Telerik Platform development.
We will help your through the process and will save you weeks of confusion and frustration.

Included Extras

  • Automated Scaling

  • Geo Points

  • MongoDB Direct Access

  • Free SSL with Let's Encrypt

  • Private GitHub Repo

  • Unlimited Collaborators

  • Realtime Data

  • Web Hooks

  • NodeJS Hosting

  • User Friendly Dashboard

  • Automatic Emails

  • Social Logins

All of this for only

199per migrated app

* All prices exclude VAT.

Telerik Platform & Parse Server JS SDKs Comparison

Switching to Parse Server is easy. These examples will save you time.

If you want to be a guru, check out our:

Crash course for Telerik Platform Developers

Open Source Cross Platform SDKs

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Success Stories

Here's what our customers have to say about our product



iOS Dev @

You don't need to know about the backend.
Focus on the product, SashiDo handle the rest.

Karl Dunkelman

Karl Dunkelman

Production Manager @

Sashido has been a great partner by evolving its push notifications functionalities
to fit the needs of a variety of mobile applications that we build at Lightmaker.

Faisal Shah

Faisal Shah

Technical lead @

SashiDo is the reason I have taken a very long and overdue vacationsee my picture if you don't believe it.
Their File Migration Tool was the core reason I got hooked up with them immediately.
They Know their STUFF!

Muhamad Jawdat Akoum

Muhamad Jawdat Akoum

Technical Manager and Software Engineer @

Sashido gives priority to its clients and their needs.
They are very active and responsive to their tickets, hence they are continuously improving.

Claes Jacobsson

Claes Jacobsson

Founder @

Lookmark had a very smooth migration to SashiDo in 2016
and has been running like clockwork for our users around the globe ever since.
The support team is super responsive!

Utilising some of the best cloud technologies

KubernetesDockerCloudStrap.ioAmazonLet's Encrypt
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